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Oberkirch – City of Wine and Fruit Orchards

Oberkirch, with a population of approximately 20,000, is located in the county of Ortenau, 25 km east of Strasbourg, in the center of the Baden Wine Region at the foot of the Black Forest in the Rench Valley.

Oberkirch has a long history: it was first mentioned in the 11th century as property of the Dukes of Zähringen. In the year 1303, it was transferred to the Bishop of Strasbourg. In the year 1326, Oberkirch received the city charter and remained under regency of the Bishops of Strasbourg until the year 1803. During the Thirty Years War, Oberkirch was conquered by the Swedish. During the years 1650-1668, the poet Johann Jakob Christoph von Grimmelshausen lived in Oberkirch and wrote his “Simplicius Simplicissimus”. In the year 1689, the city was burned down by French troops. In the year 1803, the Grand Dukes of Baden became the new masters of Oberkirch.

The historic section of town (Altstadt) remains the city center still today. Geographically, it lies between the South Ring and the North Ring where the city walls and fortifications had been erected. While strolling through the historic section, you can still find signs of times past.. Historic half-timbered houses, remainders of the city wall, the former seat of the Bishop, fountains and memorials. Walk through the picturesque church plaza and the restored area along the Mühlbach creek with street cafes, ice cream parlors and wine bars.

The old city hall houses is now the Heimatmuseum (museum of local history). Visit the new Mediathek and rent books, games and modern media (DVDs) or read the latest newspapers and magazines.

The ruins of Schauenburg castle are located above Oberkirch and accessible during the day at no charge. Duke Berthold II of Zähringen had the castle built as a fort during the years 1070-1090. Towers with living quarters were added from 1240 to 1275. During wars at the end of the 17th century, the castle was heavily damaged and declared a ruin in the year 1731.

The heated public swim center is worth a visit during the summer months.

Enjoy an entertaining summer evening by visiting the Burgbühne theater in Oberkirch which performs in an outdoor theater, weather permitting.

Further information at www.tourismus-oberkirch.de
Tips around the Rench Valley: Renchtal Tourismus GmbH

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